1. # boot from your already existing unix installation on hard disk (provided you already have a working unix installation or that you succeeded with the Knoppix hard disk installation above), and log in as root
  2. # assume you will install the Knoppix cd image on /dev/hda6 (make sure it is large enough, say 800 megabyte, to hold at least the Knoppix iso image and the filesystem's management data). Propagate this preference:
    export PARTIT=/dev/hda6
  3. # create a filesystem on that partition:
    mkfs.ext3 $PARTIT
  4. # export a few preferences:
    export KNOPPIXISO=/data/knoppix.iso; export TARGET=/tmp/target; export BOOT=$TARGET/boot; export LILO=$BOOT/lilo.conf
  5. # create a mount point $TARGET for that new partition and mount it:
    mkdir $TARGET; mount -t auto $PARTIT $TARGET
  6. # create a mount point /tmp/source which contains your Knoppix iso image. Make sure $KNOPPIXISO points to that iso image:
    mkdir /tmp/source
    mount -t iso9660 $KNOPPIXISO /tmp/source -o loop
  7. # copy the Knoppix iso image to hard disk (this may take a while):
    time cp -a /tmp/source/* $TARGET
  8. # mount the Knoppix image's boot floppy:
    mkdir /tmp/floppy; mount -t vfat -o loop /tmp/source/KNOPPIX/boot.img /tmp/floppy/
  9. # prepare the hard disk image's boot directory:
    mkdir $BOOT
    cp /boot/System.map $BOOT/
    cp /tmp/floppy/* $BOOT/
  10. # unmount the floppy and the Knoppix iso image:
    umount /tmp/floppy /tmp/source
  11. # determine which root device you are currently using:
    export THISROOT=`grep root= /etc/lilo.conf|head -1|cut -d= -f2-`; echo your root partition is :$THISROOT:
  12. # generate a lilo.conf which is configured automagically:
    genliloconf /dev/hda $THISROOT "" $BOOT/vmlinuz > $LILO
  13. # add a mysterious line to this newly generated lilo.conf file:
    echo image=$BOOT/vmlinuz append=\"lang=us noprompt dma ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init initrd=miniroot.gz __BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix\" root=$PARTIT read-only initrd=$BOOT/miniroot.gz label="KnoppixCD" >> $LILO
  14. # execute lilo on this new lilo.conf:
    lilo -C $LILO
  15. # you may wish to add the line specifying the mount point of the newly installed Knoppix cd to the /etc/fstab of your other unix installations:
    echo $THISROOT $TARGET auto defaults 0 0
  16. # you can now reboot your machine an select 'KnoppixCD' from your lilo menu