Enabling FireWire support for an external hard disk:
  1. # load the appropriate modules:
     echo ieee1394         >> /etc/modules-`uname -r` # FireWire protocol
     echo ohci1394          >> /etc/modules-`uname -r` # Open Host Controller Interface
     echo raw1394           >> /etc/modules-`uname -r` # Serial Bus Protocol-2
     echo usb-storage       >> /etc/modules-`uname -r` # generic usb support for storage devices 
  2. # check whether the device is present according to your machine:
     sudo gscanbus 
  3. # if the device is not yet present, you might need to execute the utility from http://www.garloff.de/kurt/linux/rescan-scsi-bus.sh to look for new scsi devices:
     cd /usr/local/bin
     wget -N --retr-symlinks http://www.garloff.de/kurt/linux/rescan-scsi-bus.sh
     sudo sh /usr/local/bin/rescan-scsi-bus.sh 
  4. # list the partitions which are currently known to your machine with:
     sudo sfdisk -l