# exim
# Exim is a mail transport agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge. It is easy to configure and does its job as expected.

  1. # install exim
    sudo apt-get install exim
  2. # execute the exim configuration tool
    sudo eximconfig
  3. # select 3: satellite system
  4. # enter the hostname of the machine you are configuring. Example: if your machine is hostname.domain.org, you should enter hostname.domain.org
  5. # enter the domain name of your email address when asked where the users will read their email. E.g., if your email address reads userid@domain.org, you should enter `domain.org'
  6. # enter the mail server's hostname as the smarthost to handle outgoing mail, e.g., smtp dot kulnet dot kuleuven dot ac dot be
  7. # enter the userid of the user who should receive the email sent to root
  8. # accept to overwrite the /etc/aliases file (or reject, this is up to you)
  9. # read very carefully what the configuration tool shows you for its configuration! accept the configuration if it is ok, restart the procedure if not...
  10. # once you have accepted the configuration file, you should check the /etc/aliases file. Make sure that this file does not contain any `real-userid' items... Replace all these occurrences with valid email addresses.
  11. # test whether you changed all real-userid occurrences:
    grep real- /etc/aliases
  12. # once the /etc/aliases file does no longer contain any real-userid items, you can test your mail delivery system:
    echo piep sent at `date` from `hostname`|mail userid@domain.org