1. # running lilo on a machine on which the lilo.conf or (master) boot record have become inconsitent or have been overwritten:
    1. # boot from the Knoppix cd and open a terminal window
    2. # specify on which partition your crippled /etc/lilo.conf can be found, and mount it:
       export PARTIT=/hda7
       sudo mount /dev/$PARTIT /mnt/$PARTIT 
    3. # copy the crippled file to a writeable location:
       sudo cp /mnt/$PARTIT/etc/lilo.conf ~/ 
    4. # edit the erroneous lilo.conf to fix the problem:
       sudo joe ~/lilo.conf 
    5. # make sure to replace each occurrence of `=/boot` by `=/mnt/hda7/boot` (given that your unix operating system is stored on /dev/hda7)
    6. # execute lilo:
       sudo ln -sf /mnt/$PARTIT/boot/ /
       sudo lilo -C ~/lilo.conf 
    7. # reboot the machine without the Knoppix cd
       sudo shutdown -r now 
    8. # remember to repair the lilo.conf again once your machine boots again...