This website has been created using my own bash scripts as I could not find any decent and easy-to-use system to design my new website. I consider it the most powerful and versatile website design tool ever created ];-)
The whole website is location independent, i.e., the directory structure can be copied from one webserver to another without having to deal with broken internal links: all internal links are relative to eachother. E.g., I have three copies of this website. You can transparently visit three (almost) identical websites: There might be minor differences between these copies, as I do not automatically synchronize them.

No other tools or bash commands/constructions than those commonly available on almost all machines have been used on pure text to produce my marvelous (ahum) website.
An exhaustive enumeration: basename, cat, cd, cp, date, dirname, echo, find, for-do-done, grep, if-then-else-fi, mkdir, mv, rm, sed, seq, sort, test, time, touch, uniq, wc, while, zip.

The scripts also launch a few (optional) tools to improve the website's overall quality, look and feel, and to make sure the html pages are consistent with the current (x)html standards:

I have based this website's look and feel on the default layout of Diogenes.