# It may happen that you have to present a userid/password before your Internet service provider configures your network settings (e.g., ip address), e.g.,
 curl -d "uid=userid&pwd=whatever" https://netlogin.kuleuven.be/cgi-bin/weblogin.cgi|mail root 
# Once you are satisfied with this command (it may be that your internet service provider uses other variable names (than uid and pwd) in the network login form), you can launch it after a reboot by appending it to /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh.
# If your ISP goes down from time to time, and you need to relogin each time, you may consider running a the following command:
 while date;do \
  echo starting curl;\
  curl -d "uid=userid&pwd=whatever" https://netlogin.kuleuven.be/cgi-bin/weblogin.cgi|mail root;\
  while ping -c 10 www.google.com;do\
    echo pings were successful;\
    sleep 600;\
  sleep 5;\